Wednesday, March 28, 2012


According to tradition, the Virgen de la Soledad is the image of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary on the night of the first Good Friday. After witnessing the cruel and gruesome suffering and death of Her only Son, Jesus, She chose to be in solitude, praying and meditating alone on the events that has just transpired. She the perfect model of strength, faith and fortitude amidst the varied sorrows of the life.

Likewise, the entire body of the Church is represented by Mary: she is the "Credentium Collectio Universa". She is the perfect model of the Church. Thus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, as she waits near the Lord's tomb, as she is represented in Christian tradition, is an icon of the Virgin Church keeping vigil at the tomb of her Spouse while awaiting the celebration of His resurrection.

Through the kindness and support of Rev. Fr. Cesar R. Reyes, Jr., Parish Priest of the Parish of San Roque, Shrine of the Virgen de la Soledad, the Cofradia de la Virgen de la Soledad shall once again lead the devotees of the Reina de Cavite in this age-old tradition.  We invite everyone to come and accompany the Blessed Virgin Mary on this sorrowful night. Please wear black and bring candles.

Procesion del Silencio 2012

The Andas of the Virgen after the Procesion del Silencio 2012.

Arch. Anthony Nazareno leads the Besamano to the Virgen after the Procesion del Silencio 2012.